Chef Kelly Fields

Chef John Besh Bio

Growing up in the low-country of South Carolina, Kelly inherited her love of farm fresh ingredients and began baking in some of Charleston’s best patisseries. In New Orleans, she took up baking for iconic New Orleans chef, Susan Spicer, and soon decided to push her knowledge to the next level. Upon graduation from Johnson & Wales, she returned to New Orleans and became pastry chef of Restaurant August under the tutelage of Chef John Besh. Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath would force Chef Fields to take up several years of travel. She settled in San Francisco, worked at some of the best restaurants and joined the opening team of Martins West. Back in New Orleans, she continues to develop relationships with local farmers in an effort to create a more sustainable pastry kitchen. She is a community leader, serving as a mentor for the Chefs Move! scholarship recipient and for at-risk youth seeking a profession in the hospitality industry.